Feeling Older Than You Are? 

Discover A More Natural Strategy To Ageing Well

Stress and overwhelm are the number one cause of premature ageing, so if you’re carrying excess tension in your body or mind today... it’s important that you keep reading.

I’m going to show you a natural way to boost your energy and instill in you, a sense of calm that people that is palpable to you and others around you. 

And we all know, the more energy you have, the more time you have - and the younger you will feel.

Read on to learn how to thrive as you age by eliminating stress, anxiety & overwhelm from your life.

It’s Time To Stop Functioning At 60%

You’ve landed here because you’ve gotten to the point where...

  • You lead a stressful life and can tell it’s messing with your brain!

  • You have some unhealthy coping mechanisms

  • You need to rest but you’re not a good sleeper

  • You are often plagued by worry and anxiety 

  • You wake up groggy and need caffeine for energy

  • You feel like you’re ageing faster than you should be


Whether it’s just one, or a combination of these things - you’re in the right place. You would never let someone else suffer the way you have been, so take a moment to just imagine if you were free of these problems...

What If You Could Erase 5 Years From Your Shoulders In Just 8 Weeks?

As part of the program you will make a few remarkable yet simple changes to the way you breathe to drastically reduce your stress, anxiety and feelings of overwhelm. 

These practices can also radically increase your energy levels and help you feel at least five years younger.

The result? A new you! One that feels grounded and calm, connected to the truth of who you are. 

A woman who responds instead of reacting because she’s built a haven for herself using the power of her lungs.

It sounds pretty ambitious but don’t worry, you won’t be doing it alone! This is a vibrant yet private online community of women improving themselves and you’re welcome to join us!

Or You Could Just Do Nothing And Hope It Goes Away...

The bad news is it won’t just go away. If you don’t do something to relieve your stress, the mind chatter, the financial fear, the lack of sleep and anxiety will get worse. 

Anxiety impacts your life in ways you already know but are you aware of how it affects others?

Your family may feel abandoned as you disappear down the worry hole

  • Your employer will eventually notice that you’re not up to speed

  • Your friends can end up feeling rejected by you or disconnected from you

  • Your health costs will continue to rise as you try to find a solution

Your Breath Is Linked To Everything 

So Take Control Of It.

The Empowered Living Course is a simple yet dynamic way to increase energy, improve sleep, manage stress and age gracefully.

Over 8 weeks I will teach you an easy method that you can use immediately and stick with because it fits seamlessly into your busy schedule.

You will feel more energised during the day and be able to surrender into a deeper more restful sleep at night.

It will utterly change the way you manage your relationship to stress, anxiety and that sense of overwhelm that makes your mind chatter.

Empowered Living will leave you feeling calm, grounded and present regardless of what life brings your way. 

Best of all, you can do it all from home without spending thousands of dollars, without medication and without disrupting your life.

The Course For More Empowered Living

Empowered Living is a video, audio and text based opportunity for any woman who wants and needs to learn how to breathe better.

It’s for those who want immediate relief from stress and anxiety and it only costs $25 per week for 8 weeks of learning and guided practice.

The total cost is $199 USD

Here’s what you get:

14 video or audio lectures

9 Guided Meditations 

15 Breathwork practices 

4 Yin yoga classes

3 Yoga Nidra practices

18 Movement videos

11 Worksheets

Weekly journaling practices

Private FB community of like minded souls to keep you accountable on your journey

Week 1 - setting up for success

  • A few short exercises designed to create some space and carve out the time to complete the course

Week 2 - relaxation

  • 3 Lectures

  • 3 Meditations

  • 1 Yoga nidra

  • 2 Yin yoga practices

  • 1 Relaxation practice

  • 1 Journaling practice

Week 3 - Breath awareness & Conscious breathing

  • 3 Lectures

  • 5 Breath meditations

  • 1 Yin yoga practice

  • 1 Breath practice

  • 1 Journaling practice

Week 4 - The impacts of stress

  • 3 Lectures

  • 1 Yoga nidra

  • 1 Sacred space and technology challenge

  • 4 Part training series - Diaphragmatic breathing

  • 1 Journaling practice 

  • 1 Self massage practice 

  • Week 5 - Integration week

  • A week to catch up, and to dive deeper into some of your favourite practices so far

  • Week 6 - breathing dysfunction

  • 2 Lectures

  • 1 Journaling exercise

  • 1 Yoga nidra

  • 8 Breath practices (fixing dysfunctions)

Week 7 - movement to support breathing

  • 2 Lectures

  • 10 Yang movement practices

  • 7 Yin movement practices

  • 1 Journaling practice

  • 1 Yin yoga practice

Week 8 - advanced techniques

  • 2 Lectures

  • 1 Journaling practice

  • 1 Yoga nidra

  • 2 Breath practices

    Try Something Natural That Really Works!

    Many of us are familiar with western medicine practices where by taking a pill we get instant relief, but in doing that, we are not addressing the root of the problem.

    Bad breathing affects your sleep and your concentration, it leaves you feeling off balance and your ability to perform will suffer!

    If you’re ready to try something new then click the button below to sign up.

The next intake starts in October 2019 and by December, these 20 lucky women will have the capacity to use my techniques confidently and fluidly to change the way they relate to the world.


“Working with the breath is hands down the most effective tool I have ever been given. It’s truly the baseline of everything.” - Rachel Fearnley

Hi, I’m Rachel, a breathwork practitioner, teacher and mentor for women who are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and on the brink of burning out. 

I tend to work with women who find that their health is starting to deteriorate and need to find a better way to approach how they are living.

I’ve used the Empowered Living method to provide fast relief to a number of seriously ill people. From asthma sufferers to a patient with ADHD and even a woman with Cystic Fibrosis.

Empowered Living is for anyone who’s made more than one New Year’s resolution to find balance but still can’t seem to get life under control.

Stress Relief That Actually Works!

Changing to a healthier lifestyle can be overwhelming because it leaves us unable to run away from our feelings. I get it! I've been there, I’ve struggled and failed trying to create a balanced life.

But, after lots of trial and error I discovered that what I needed wasn’t ‘out there’, it was inside me. So I designed a simple yet effective series of practices that fit into my busy life as a solo mumma and entrepreneur. 

These are the exercises I turn to daily which help me to manage stress and overwhelm, increase my energy (after sleepless nights with a baby) and allow me to feel calm, grounded and present.

And I want to help you to get there too.

Turn Your Breath Into Medicine For Your Mind

Whether it’s feeling like you’re getting old prematurely or losing your quality of life because of stress and anxiety, I can help. You don’t have to do this alone. There is an effective, easy and affordable solution.

Empowered Living


You have more power over how you feel than you realise, it’s up to you to take control so try it now.