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Mother. Yogi. Teacher. Eternal Student. Guide. Retreat Owner. Coach.

In a previous world, I had a very busy existence working on superyachts around the world. Yes, I lived for the lifestyle, travel, adventure and pay packet, but it took its toll.

Suffering from anxiety and on the brink of burnout I realized I valued health more than glitz and glamour. So I flung myself out of yachting without much direction other than a burning desire to do something nourishing, something sustainable and something that would serve me.

I decided to pursue my new found love for yoga with a teacher training course, fast forward several years and I now specialise in womens health and wellness with a deep seated passion for the subtler practices and the wisdom of the ancient traditions.

Having worked in luxury hospitality for years, I realised I wanted to be autonomous and offer my own brand of luxury – authentic and attainable wellness. And so my retreat haven The Pineapple House, Bali was born in Canggu, Bali in 2015, as I wanted to bring hospitality and surf, yoga and wellness offerings together. Fast forward 4 years and The Pineapple House, Bali is a thriving 6 figure business

As a single mother and entrepreneur, life can be full, challenging and ever changing, but over the years of teaching yoga and working with some of the best wellness professionals around the world, I’ve tried, tested and learned techniques to maintain calmness and clarity. I live by these principles, and I can truly say that I am content, calm and grounded, regardless of what life brings.

We all hold the key to our own health and happiness, but when our minds and bodies are clouded and cluttered, we cannot see the woods for the trees. And so we end up on a mission searching for the answers outside of ourselves.

I believe that when we live in alignment with who we are and really respect and honour the body we were born with, we open our eyes to the magic of everyday life.. When we can cut through the sense of separation between who we are and who we want to be, life unfolds effortlessly before us and we can reestablish deep trust in ourselves.

This is the journey I went on, and I would love to share with you the tools I use, which not only got me to this place of deep calm and grounded-ness but keeps me there when life brings its inevitable ups and downs.