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A 2 week, 4 session immersive experience diving deeper into the cultivation of a somatic sense of safety.

Starting: Week beginning 5th December

Anchored is a journey that will help you:
Be able to pay attention to what is happening in your body
Begin to discern what is yours and what is not yours
Stand steadier in your own power and with your own expression
Reestablish trust with your body
Feel more connected to you body, emotions and sensations
Stay present to emotions and sensations as they arise

After Anchored you will:
Feel lighter and more at home in your body
Feel a deeper sense of safety within your body
Have greater trust in yourself and your decision making
Be able to maintain greater presence to whatever is arising
Feel more spacious and at ease

My desire is to support as many humans as possible towards a deeper level of embodiment and a stronger felt sense of safety!