“Rachel is a brilliant lifestyle coach who integrates her wellness and business experience to help her clients reach their goals while staying grounded. She lives and breathes what she teaches and understands everything women need to excel personally and professionally. From lifestyle changes to achieving your goals, I would highly recommend reaching out to Rachel for support.”

Dervla Louli


“Rachel never ceases to blow my mind with the wisdom she shares. As a driven Type A woman myself, she effortlessly unpacked my health issues, helped me see the root-cause and shared the vital importance of being disciplined with my own self-care and daily rituals in a way I’ve never heard before. Her knowledge, tools and strategies are practical, yet profound and imperative for women today. She is grounded, authentic and walks her talk.”

Debbie Spellman


“Rachel’s authentic and warming spirit makes her an inspiring teacher and mentor.  I met Rachel at the Pineapple House, she was very welcoming and so knowledgeable! I wanted to have a deeper understanding with meditation and booked a one on one session with Rachel in her beautiful home. I found it very valuable and enlightening, not to mention relaxing and centering.

Rachel is an excellent communicator and presents a wonderful blend of knowledge, experience and insight. I learned practical tools that I still use during my meditations today. I am so glad to have met her through my journey of self development. Rachel is my go to person when I visit Bali and looking for yoga or some assistant in achieving some stillness.”

Heanney Banks


“Rachel is a community connector and entrepreneur with heart, presence and creativity which is reflected in how she parents, how she lives and how she shares her gifts. she’s just a genuinely lovely person who you will want to spend time with and learn lots of valuable insights from!”

Insiya Rasiwala Finn


“Rachel is a golden person, one of those people you feel lucky to know. A genuine and vibrant spirit that can simultaneously ground and lift you to a higher place.”

Carmela Fleury


“I have found Rachel to be very consistent, extremely well balanced, very grounded.  Orderly Responsible Reliable , Racheal has a huge generosity of Spirit and is light hearted  a pleasure to be around...I am very BLESSED to have met Rachael.”

Anya Rowley


“From the moment i met Rachel she had this glow of fun and happiness about her with a sense of power and confidence. I felt so open in her presence that we connected instantly. She holds a non judgemental space for me to feel safe and supported by her.”

Mandie Mitchell

31117718_10154714279328078_4413275404278693888_n (4).png

“I first met Rachel in one of her yoga classes, and it very quickly became very apparent that this incredible lady was offering us more than your average yoga class.

I’ve tried to stay as close to her as possible since that first class to absorb her knowledge, advice and teachings. I couldn’t possible recommend Rachel highly enough and sing her praises loudly enough. Her knowledge is extensive, her training is well considered and I consider her to be a life long mentor and will continue my training with her a it is a game changer.”

Claire Broise


“A few months ago I retreated into my cocoon for a few days. As part of my soul searching, I did an exercise and Rachel was one of five people I wrote down who:

1. Make me feel good when I am around them. Love that she  embraces life and deals with the good, the bed & the ugly with a lightness of being that is not judging.

2. Make me feel excited during our interactions.Her personal and professional journey have been unfolding in front of my eyes.I feel privileged to be a friend of this caring, fun loving, wise, honest and smart women whom can wholeheartedly relate and make a remarkable impression on people from different walks of life.

3. Make me feel inspired to grow and expand in my own life.I love Rachel's honesty and transparency.Love her healthy self-confidence; that she does not preach or pretends that she knows it all, but admits her own ups and downs learns from them and moves on with her giggly smile that makes my heart melt.

I know how much passion ,conviction and enthusiasm she put into her studies to be able to  provide you  with all the resources, tactics, and personalized guidance you might need. I am convinced that working with Rachel will provide you with increased knowledge, clarity and self-esteem on how to situate yourself in a Life that you truly desire.”

Szilvia Galambos