We are living in an age now where the idea of living ‘sustainably’ is becoming the new norm, however, unless we first turn the mirror to face ourselves and to understand how to sustain our own energy and resources, we will not have enough to let it flow outwards to the world and to those around us. 

In this world of fast paced living where we are continually over stimulated, our bodies and minds are constantly on high alert and our nervous systems are overloaded, we are increasingly being offered more and more distraction, more options and more decisions to make, which add to the fatigue, overwhelm and disconnection. I want to help you slow down, tune in and re-prioritise your life in order to feel calmer, less reactive, healthier, happier, well rested, grounded and connected. 

Together we can increase your ability to meet the challenges of  daily life with grace, a sense of unwaivering groundedness and a deeper connection to your true self.

We will work together to create a plan of progressive, sustainable wellness.

It IS your birthright to thrive.


How would you answer the question ‘how is your life’ and ‘what do you want’ (think: the soul’s version of what you want)?

My belief is that every aspect of our lives are interlinked, so when one area is out of alignment it can set off a dominos effect.. Dominos is fun.. But not when it’s juxtaposed onto your life.. In my experience the constant pushing and hustling ‘serves’ us for a while, but eventually, something will give.


Trust me, there is a better way, a much better way. I draw in from my years of study, communing, teaching, evolving, trials and errors (and there has been many), reading, travel, business ownership, risk taking, but most importantly, from being still, listening and contemplating.. because in stillness is where the magic happens.

It’s the little things we do everyday that count, it’s the sum of the little things that make the ‘big’ shifts. So we start by zooming out and looking at the sum of the parts, then zooming RIGHT in, think macro to micro… then the work begins… think of it as reverse engineering your life.

Where do you want to get to? Well let’s line up the arrow really accurately, before we fire it off…

Let’s think big together, but first.. We’ve gotta go small. It takes commitment and dedication.

You need to be ready, willing and able to take some pretty big shifts. Because it may not always be pretty, but it will always serve in the creation of the best version of you.


Mentoring sessions are done online via video call.

60 minute mentoring call - $200 USD

Packages available on request

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“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”