I help women reach their potential so they can create a life of happiness

Perhaps you are burnt out, or on the brink of a major burn out.

You find yourself over reacting to every little thing, and can’t manage day to day or work stress. You feel like you’re constantly in fight or flight mode, running on adrenaline. You may have a really strict fitness routine, but it’s not working for you anymore. There isn’t enough time for things like reading or meditation and you’re chained to your digital leash, constantly online.

You are stressed out and strung out. You struggle with sleep and calming your overactive mind. You want to find inner peace in your busy and cluttered world, but days just seem to vanish and often feel as though you haven’t got anything done. 

Allow me to introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Rachel

I’m your wellness consultant, life coach, accountability partner, cheerleader. Your Health and Happiness Strategist 

An ocean loving yogi, retreat owner, goal digger, eternal student and wellness advocate with a deep seated passion for living an awesome and aligned life. And I want YOU to feel that too.

Let’s cut to the chase. How is your life? Good? Part good, part not so good?

What would be possible if you could wake up every day feeling inspired, healthy, happy and calm? To know that you have the tools and knowledge to maintain a grounded presence regardless of what is going on around you?

What would life look like if you truly felt in alignment with the truth of who you are and could live the life you truly desire?

Together we will look at your life, habits, patterns and help you create something that feels aligned, and I’ll show you the intrinsic connection between mind, body, soul and breath.  

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Even though you may be burnt out with stress or anxiety, you can find balance and regain health, inner calm and mental clarity.

I will show you how to reprogram your operating system to align your mind and body with the natural rhythms that will have you thriving. 

First things first.

We sit down and figure out what it is you really want, and what is stopping you from having this life. Together, we will work through personalised coaching practices encompassing meditation and mindfulness techniques, yogic breathwork, practices drawn from Ayurveda and Traditional Medicine, self love rituals, smart habits and hacks for healthful living, and much more. 

Everyone is different so you won’t find a cookie-cutter approach here. You will receive a tailor-made program of practical support, motivation and guidance to empower you into real, lasting change. 

Let’s talk.

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