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I work with busy Type A women to create physical, mental and emotional space so she can experience more ease, clarity, calm end energy in all areas of her life.

Perhaps you are burnt out, or on the brink of a major burn out. Your body has been sending you signals for a while now that something is not quite right, but you keep ignoring it. You feel as though you have sold out your feminine self to get ahead in a mans world.

You find yourself over reacting to the little things, struggling to meet the ever changing demands of modern day life, feeling like you’re constantly in fight or flight mode, using caffeine to ramp you up in the mornings and alcohol to wind you down at night. You may have a really strict fitness routine, but somehow it’s not working, surely you should be feeling better than this by now? There never seems to be enough time in the day, your ‘to do’ list is ever increasing. The overwhelm and struggle is real.

You’re stressed out and strung out. You lie awake at night with your mind on overdrive not knowing how to move forward. You know what you ‘should’ be doing to feel better, but lets face it, meditation feels like a waste of time and putting yourself first is not one of your strong points.

If you think you have too much going on, you’re in the right place.

 I see you. I hear you. I feel you.

 Allow me to introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Rachel

A guiding force for driven, tired and overwhelmed women

An ocean loving yogi, retreat owner, mother, a clear seer and speaker of truth, an eternal student and wellness advocate, a wisdom keeper with a deep seated passion for living an abundant, integral and aligned life. And I want YOU to feel that too.

 Let’s cut to the chase. How is your life? Good? Part good, part not so good? 

What would be possible if you could wake up every day feeling well rested, inspired, happy and calm and to know that you have the tools and knowledge to maintain a grounded presence regardless of what is going on around you?

What would life look like if you truly felt in alignment with the truth of who you are and could live the life you truly desire? 

Together we will look at your life, habits and patterns to create something that feels aligned, authentic and achievable and and I’ll show you the intrinsic connection between mind, body, soul and breath so that you have the tools, confidence and support to move you towards your next best self.

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I will show you how to cultivate and commit to healthy, nourishing, smart habits and rituals to create a life of calm and ease.

Even though you may be burnt out, suffering with stress or anxiety.

You can find balance and regain health, inner calm and mental clarity.

I will show you how to reprogram your operating system to align your mind and body with the natural rhythms that will have you thriving.

We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act, but a habit. - Aristotle

Over time your habits become your identity and all areas of your life reflect the habits that you choose. When you refine your habits, your integrity goes up - you experience more inner confidence and a life of ease and flow, you have better relationships with yourself and those around you and you make better choices in life.

As a self reflecting human, you are designed to get smarter as you age, when you refine the small, daily habits that create the bigger picture of your life, how you experience and interact with life will also upgrade. When you slip into negative habits, you begin to live out of sync, your emotions will become more erratic (if they are not already) which in turn impacts your thoughts and biochemistry.

Each day you have the choice between habits that will cultivate future ease or future stress.

Let’s work together to set you off on the path of ease using practical support, motivation and guidance from me, to empower you into real, lasting change. 

Select your area of interest below or contact me directly for a private discussion around your specific needs and desires



Mother, yogi, meditation teacher and breathwork coach Rachel Fearnley guides you through powerful meditations to transform your life.

Join her on this journey through meditation, mindfulness, breathing and nidra to bring yourself back home to your true, unwaivering, grounded nature.

Use these meditations to feel rested, inspired, aligned, healthy, happy and calm knowing you have the tools and knowledge to maintain a grounded presence regardless of what is going on around you.

Listen to Rachel’s meditations on Insight Timer below:

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